The members from Viva Africa in Sudan were the participants in the conference on democratic Transition in Africa

Written By Saeed Talfo On 10th October, 2018 at 6:11 PM Politics

When we talk about the democracy in Africa, we can take an example of Republic in Mali and Niger. That is why on 10th October, 2018; it was a forum talked about cultural diversity of the concept in democracy and its application. The very brilliant consul of Mali in Sudan, accompanied by his counterpart, the state consul of Niger in this serious and deeply critical intellectual round of consciousness about Africa's issues of democratic governance.

The consul of Mali Republic, in his intelligent approach to the cause of democracy, was a historical reality and coexisted in this country of Mali, enumerating the manifestations of democracy in the ancient history of Mali, the Kingdom's great constitution, which boasted of the west to be similar in that time.

The last elections in Mali, which has provided public freedoms and freedom of expression, and what has drawn the attention of all that the consul of Mali is a market for the investment environment in Mali in a very smart way in the context of the financial freedoms and laws that facilitated investment.

We can say the seminar was successful in all measurements of success in terms of the preparation and scientific presentation of the topic and as we mentioned the consul of Mali was the star of the seminar for the valuable information he gave in a gold dish for African youth who are hungry for democracy and freedom.

They have made rational monetary responses to the admiration of the attendees without exception and all the interventions of the Participants found their luck from the respectful and stimulating responses.
At the end of the seminar, the Malian consul invited the participants in the planned trip from Khartoum to the Republic of Mali through Chad and Niger by land to identify one of the longest historical routes in Africa from Mali to Sudan and promised to link the Center for Democratic Studies in Mali to the Center for Strategic Studies In Sudan to share knowledge and studies.

“We, Viva Africa members in Sudan, we saw that the seminar was admired and we consider it to be in the same goals as our Organization to wake up Africans and make us a renaissance in Africa to unite Soon. We strongly support any idea that calls for the unity of Africa in any way as long as the goal is one whether by cancelling visas and opening the imaginary colonial borders or by any other proposal, and the members of FIFA Africa in Sudan would be the bond of African embassies and consulates in Sudan without exception and greeting to the consulate of Mali on this, the great initiative that history will Preserve. And to the consulate of Niger extends thanks and appreciation.”, says the members from Viva Africa Sudan.

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