Chinese’s colonialism through their supporting loan in Africa

Written By Saeed Talfo On 7th October, 2018 at 2:31 PM Politics

It hurts me very much to be a continent of blackmail where our ancestors of colonialism and what was looted, and China intervened from the same door to blackmail African countries on the pretext of supporting a friendly economy while intending otherwise.

China's dominance of all African markets is imminent, but It is hardly to say that it has manifested itself in many countries of our beloved continent Africa, and it is fortunate that by roaming in the markets you can hardly find other than Chinese products, many of which are products that do not satisfy the consumer's need of quality and result in the use of large consumption residues filled The city and the villages are being matched and another tragedy is being added to the economy.

The African consumers’ culture with the Low-quality Chinese products has a significant impact on the worsening of the economy and the addition of tragedy to the tragedy until it became unbearable in many African countries. You can find an example of your own country if you are African.

We personally believe that getting involved in more Chinese loans and opening import doors without control and clear strategies in developing and poor African countries is dangerous and playing with Fire.

China is a country called friendship through loans and is behind the scenes planning a new hegemony and colonization related to the economy will be the worst in history, especially. That is why the countries of Africa must deal within the limits and take measures that will protect our economy from falling into the abyss of neo-colonialism through loans with hegemonic intentions.

We, as Africans, can call on African countries’ Leaders to conduct a comprehensive and integrated assessment of the role of Chinese companies in Africa and their positive and negative impact to recognize the reality of Chinese investment in our African continent and to fully make efforts for the rest of the country in analyzing and evaluating which investor comes to us and not be superficial. We accept initiatives hastily without studying and deeping examination. We also call for follow-up of the implementation of projects with Chinese loans with specialized consultants and we do not leave the tone of Sino Friendship to be a barrier between us and the scrutiny of all the Chinese efforts in our Country.

“Friendship is welcome with any country without limitation, but not at the expense of our poor people (Africans), only because they are people who have not yet realized their internal capabilities for reasons related to the abhorrent colonial upbringing that we have lived before we still live some of them here and there although the signs of recovery from the colonial questions began to come in the horizon in many From the countries of Africa that are starting to take their place from the world economy and Development.”, Says CNB Africa Reporter

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